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The Arizona Barbering and Cosmetology Board investigates complaints involving unlawful acts including false advertising, deceptive statements, violations of health and sanitation regulations, employment of unlicensed persons for professional services and incompetence and/or malpractice. If you feel you have been the victim of any of the above, please submit an online complaint.

Law prohibits us from giving you legal advice, legal opinion or action as your private attorney. If you have suffered or may suffer a significant monetary loss, you should contact a private attorney to discuss your legal rights and remedies. If you don't have a private attorney, the County Bar Association's Lawyer Referral service should be consulted or the local Legal Aid Society may be able to assist you.


This is not to submit a complaint about the Arizona Barbering and Cosmetology Board. This complaint is for licensed individuals or establishments. 

Upon receipt of your complaint, we will determine if your complaint comes under our authority. If it does, we will take the action possible under our statutory authority. If your complaint does not fall under our authority, we will refer you to the appropriate agency.

No.  A.R.S. § 41-1010: Notwithstanding any other law, a person shall disclose the person's name during the course of reporting an alleged violation of law or rule. During the course of an investigation or enforcement action, the name of the complainant shall be a public record unless the affected agency determines that the release of the complainant's name may result in substantial harm to any person or to the public health or safety.

If you have a question regarding your own license, please do not fill out this form. Please fill out the General Questions contact form.  Complaints must be against licensed individuals or licensed establishments. 

Step Description

The general public and Arizona licensed aestheticians, cosmetologists, hairstylists and nail techs:

  •  Create an account by clicking 'Sign up Now' below the blue 'Sign In' button or use one of your social accounts to sign in. 

Arizona licensed barbers: Please log into your account to file a complaint.

2 Once your account has been created/logged in, select 'File a Complaint' in the left navigation menu at the bottom. 
3 Select the 'New Complaint' button at the top and fill out all of the requested information. 
After the Complaint is Submitted You can log into the portal and check the status of the complaint at any time.