Licensed in Another State & Moving to Arizona


If you are licensed in another state other than Arizona, you can transfer your license through Reciprocity. 

Step Description Resource
1 Make a Payment of $60 for the application fee and an additional $3 for processing.

Make a Reciprocity Payment

2 After making your credit card payment, click Continue to proceed to Step Two which includes a link to "Complete the Reciprocity Application".  The Online Renewal form will open in Adobe Sign and allow for online submission.  
3 Fill out the application

List of Accepted Cosmetology Reciprocity Documents

4 Register & Complete the Infection Protection and Law class.  


If you are moving to another state and need a license certification or you need license information for another Board, please fill out this form. The certificate will state your name, type of license, license number, issue date, date of expiration, disciplinary action or lack thereof, basis of licensure, and the licensure requirements.


A.A.C R4-5-202 (C) (2) License by reciprocity: A copy of a current barber license issued by a state with which Arizona has a reciprocity agreement and documentation of at least one year of barbering work experience. The documentation shall contain the notarized signature of the barber where the work was performed.

To apply for reciprocity, please follow these steps:

Step Description Resource
1 Create an eLicense account  

Log into eLicense

2 Select the blue box to open a license  
  • Select ‘Arizona State Board of Barbers’
  • Select ‘Barber’ as license 
  • Select ‘Reciprocity’ for Application By

List of Accepted Barber Reciprocity Requirements

4 Complete the required fields for the reciprocity application.  If the section is completed, it will have a green checkmark over the section. If not, there will be a red symbol showing that it is not complete
5 In the review section, the applicant must check the "I agree" section of the affidavit and sign.  
6 After everything is signed they will need to select the submit button. This will take them to their fees. They will then select continue.  
7 This will take them to the next payment screen where they will need to select the Barber board as the agency from the drop screen.  
8 Select the payment type and continue. After it is fully completed, you will receive a receipt.  
9 After the application has been submitted, it will be sent to our license queue for approval. The applicant will be notified via phone or email if the application is incomplete or missing any information. If the application is complete they should receive their license within 21 business days. The applicant can check their profile to see any change in status.  


If you are moving to another state and need a license certification/verification, please follow the below steps:

Step Description Resource
1 Log into your eLicense account and go to the 'Service Request' tab to select 'Certification Request'. 

Log into eLicense

2 Select the license type and where you need the certification request to be sent.