Establishment License

Salon License

       Suite Change: 

If you are moving from a suite to another suite within the same building, you must submit a Suite Change Application.

If you are moving to a suite in a completely different building with a different physical address, you must apply for a new salon license. 

       Suite Change Application

Please note that in-person services are not available. 

Step Description Resources

Fill out all of the necessary application information and supporting documents.

  • Your salon name must be registered with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office. You will need to provide the file number with your application. If you do not have a trade name with the Secretary of State, please do not continue your application and apply when you have it. The Secretary of State offers expedited services for additional fees. 
  • If you are an LLC, you must also apply with the Secretary of State's office. Your LLC entity ID number is not the same as a trade name file number. If you do not provide an accurate trade name file number, it will cause significant delays in your application. 

Fill out the Salon Application

*If you need more than one type of license, you will need to repeat the application for each license type.

After you have filled out the application, you must verify the email address you listed on your application. The verification link is good for 48 hours. If you do not confirm your email address and then move on to the payment, your application will not be submitted.



Select ‘Confirm Email’ on the email sent and then fill out the payment information.  

Please note that you must be ready to pay when you confirm your email. It will automatically bring you to the payment screen. If you close out of the payment screen, you will not be able to get back in and will have to resubmit a new application. 

4 After you have filled out the payment information, you must select ‘Authorize’ on the Order Review page  
5 The application process is complete once you get to the payment confirmation page. 
You will receive an email from the Barbering & Cosmetology Board saying that your application has been submitted. 
After Application It is currently taking up to 5 weeks to process a completed establishment application. If there's any additional information needed from you, you will be contacted via email.  Upon being licensed, you will receive an email from the licensee portal and not the Arizona Barbering & Cosmetology Board  

Barber Shop License

Step Description Resource

Create an account in the portal. Please ensure you are filling out all necessary information and documents. This will make the application process easier. 

  • If you are an existing licensee, log into your portal account. 

Apply for a Barber Shop

2 On the left side navigation bar, select 'Manage Establishments.'   
3 Select the button that says 'Create Establishment.'   
4 Fill out the establishment name and physical address and click 'Save.'  

Your establishment's profile has now been created.

  • Select the blue 'Manage Business' link for the establishment you just created. This will open a new window.
  • Select 'Applications' on the left side navigation bar and then select the 'New Application' button. 
6 A window will come up where you will need to select 'Barber Establishment Application.'  
7 Select the 'Continue' link.  

Fill out all of the required information. 


Pay for the application. 

  • You will receive a payment receipt to your email. 
Online payment methods can be Discover, Mastercard and Visa. 
After License Submittal

It currently takes up to 5 weeks for a completed application to be processed. If any additional information is needed from you, you will receive an email from the licensing portal indicating what we need from you and to upload the additional information. 

You can check your application status by logging into the licensing portal.

Upon being licensed, you will receive an email from the portal with your license.