Establishment License

Salon License

Step Description Resources

Fill out the payment portion of the application.

For type of salon, you are given the option of individual, co-applicant, corporation or LLC or Salon within a Salon. Salon within a Salon is only if you rent a chair or a booth. For salon suites, please select individual.

Salon Application

*If selecting more than one type of license, you will need to repeat the payment process for each type. 
2 Submit the application payment.  Before you submit your payment, please ensure you have all of the required documents and file numbers. 

Individual Salon types: Your salon application will immediately pop up after payment.

Co-Applicant, Corporation or LLC and Salon within a Salon: You will receive an email from Adobe Acrobat where you will be able to fill out the salon application. 

Once you begin the application, if it times out or you back out, you will have to contact the Arizona Barbering & Cosmetology Board. 
After Application It currently takes 30 business days to process an application.  

Renew Salon License

Step Description Resources
1 Log into the Dashboard. If you do not have an account, you must create one. 

Log into the Dashboard

2 Once you have logged in, there will be a renewal button at the bottom of the screen.  Your renewal option is only available 60 days before your expiration date.


Barber Shop License

Step Description Resources/Additional Information
1 Visit the Barber Board Online Payment System website and enter in the required information. 

Barber Board Payment

2 Once you have made your payment, you will need to complete the application form via the link provided on your payment confirmation page. 

Barber Shop Required Documents


Fill out the application. The application will be directly sent to the Arizona Barbering & Cosmetology Board. 


Renew Barber Shop License

Step Description Resource/Additional Information
1 Log into eLicense

Log into eLicense

2 If your license is up for renewal, there will be a renewal box on the main page after you log into eLicense. Select the Renewal box You can renew your license starting 60 days before its expiration date.
3 Fill out the required information for Barber Shop Renewal.  
4 Pay the renewal fee.  
After you submit your renewal application It currently takes 14 business days for a Barber Shop renewal.